Quite a job for teenager. Are there any statistics on wages, hours worked, etc., by prostitutes during the same time frame? The highest pay was in Montana at $50/month. Jim. Shows the price of oxen, horse teams, saddle horses and pack horses as well as mule teams, pack mules and saddle mules. I might add that I did not feel poorly remunerated. Shows price list for various sorts of repairs, refinishing, etc. He also indicates that a 1.50 a day was considered a lousy wage once you got used to the richer life style America provided. Average railroad passenger fare (ticket price) expressed in cents per mile. The Bishop who said that it was im- possible to be a Christian on less than £1 a week, spoke, … I have no frame of reference other than often reading a soldier in the Union Army made around $11 (or is it $13) a month. Thus 1 pound is 240 pence Nails were very hard to produce with the technology of the mid 1800’s. Had to look up ‘greenbroke horses.’ For everyone else, that the greenbroke phrase describes a horse that has just learned to accept a rider. This is not a government document. OH: Alliance, Canton, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Hamilton, Ravenna, Sloan’s Station, Springfield, Steubenville, Zanesville, Includes farm labor wages as well. That is only laying brick, and does not include the laborers mixing and hauling up the mortar, setting scaffold, stacking the bricks on scaffold, etc. 5p = … the labor c ommissioner phone: (702) 486-2650 . For example, in 1970 a person conscripted into the US army for the Vietnam War received $124.50 per month as an E1. Check out the church, the IOOF building, and the armory. 8-12 Schillings per week is 32-48 schillings per month, or A cooking stove, crockery ware, six chairs, one table and two bedsteads, would require about $40. Not everyone worked in industry. The minimum wage equals … Shows average wage for each year and each place, whether it be an American state or European country. When offered $100 to rebuild a new home the mother cried in disbelief at the gift, assuring that this would be enough to build a good home for her family. I have no idea. On the other hand, 15 was a lot older then than now. Also lists prices for common items to indicate the cost of living. This website works best with modern browsers such as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. 2. excavators wearing their own "long water boots" 4s. 1893 he shoveled coal for $30/month, working horrendous hours, seven days a week, I believe. Based on my experience in construction, it would have taken much lower wages than the ones in the data you have furnished above, to have been able to construct for the prices quoted. Pingback: Blood, sweat, and tears of the Irish: The story of Mary, Ellen, and Bridget | Packed with Packards! Also shows the cost of soap, fuel wood and coal. It would be hard for me to quantify the hours it took to build back then because I have only built with modern materials and methods. Jack quit in disgust and pain. 1 - 100, September 1898 : Bulletin of the United States Bureau of … Source: New York and its institutions, 1609-1873: the bright side of New York by J.F. Laborers are shown at just over 15 cents per hour and $9.06 per week, so laborers are shown to make more than 3 times the wage of a soldier. Article starts on page 59 of the BLS Monthly Labor Review, July 1939 issue. 8 pounds a month is a correct figure for rent in the city, or 4-6 for a 2-4 room country cottage. Unskilled occupations - Average wages, 1840-1891. « Outrun Change, Laborers in Colonial Times - thekrizclass, America’s Private-Prison Industry Has Always Been All Right | Isenberg Institute of Strategic Satire, A Tour of Rancho Chico, Part 2 | goldfields, It was the best of times, it was the best of times | thatssocoules.com. Source: the Historian of the U.S. The … Article in ENGINEERING AND CONTRACTING, March, 1921 cites the # of brick laid per 8 hr day per worker in four similar industrial buildings in the Chicago area: 1. A report of the U.S. Census Bureau lists weekly boarding rates by selected towns in CT, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, MO, NY, OH, PA, TN, and WV. According to Porter (176), in the mid-1860s workers in London received the following wages for a 10-hour day and six-day week: 1. common laborers 3s. A Historical Price Index...", Average retail prices of necessities of life in 15 states, 1851-1880, Flours, meats, fish, cheese, butter, beans, eggs, rice, milk and other provisions, Coffee, tea and sugar prices by town in 15 states, 1851-1880, Food, grocery and provision prices in Massachusetts, 1872 and 1878, Board rates by city for men and women, 1851-1880, Prices of sugar in New York and San Francisco, 1870-1885, Clothing pattern prices (mail order catalog) - 1876, Railroad passenger fares by RR company, 1850-1897, Passenger train fare in the U.S., 1871-1933, Stage-coach fare in the Pacific Northwest, 1874, Horses and mules - Average price per head, 1867-1920, Carriage and buggy repair - Milwaukee, 1875, Cab and hack fares in San Francisco, 1876, Ship passage from America to Europe - 1875, Ship passage from America to Europe - 1878, Roe's hotel guide for commercial travelers, 1876, Medical register for the cities of Boston, Cambridge, Charlestown, and Chelsea, Medical care in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, 1870s, Hampden District and Middlesex East Medical Association, MA, Women's Hospital of the State of New York, House of Rest for Consumptives (Tremont, NY), Medicine for Ague, Fever, Malaria, etc. Source: Brief 30-page booklet reviews overall wage trends from 1800-1899. of Estab. in INDIVIDUAL STATES The back courses didn’t show, so they were laid crudely and would give a brick layer a higher average rate of bricks laid per day. Good descriptions on why interpreting the limited data is difficult. For the United Kingdom overall, the adult male average wage was £56 while the average wage for all workers was £42/14/-. Worlds far away I will never visit – Cost of luxury yacht and its support yacht. Extensive, 437-page government report indicates detailed wages by occupation in many locations throughout the UK. For 6 days at 10 hours a day that would be about $0.05 an hour, or a nickel an hour. Costs in the 1700's. Would you believe about half the cost to send yourself across the country now? Lists typical wages for the most common occupations as well as the prices of food and building materials and the cost to rent. Mail order prices for women's and children's clothing, also for ladies' furs, parasols, toiletries, jewelry, makeup, household linens, china, furnishings, books, stationery and more. The AF of L was fairly successful in organizing tradesmen in the late 1800’s and at times may have raised the wage scale. The national minimum wage was raised to $7.25 per hour in 2009; four states set minimums slightly higher. 7d. 1890–age 14– he worked in a pickle factory and other jobs for .10/hr, sometimes working shifts of 24 plus hours, at times making $50/month. Ralph Teetor (1890-1982) invented an effective cruise control for cars in the 1940s after becoming frustrated with the way his lawyer would speed up and slow down frequently. … ANALYSIS OF WAGE TRENDS, Jump down to PRICES for ... a week is the average wage per man, 24 per cent. Do not ignore personal testimony of workers of that era. - Prices (retail and wholesale) - 1876, Telegraph rates from New York City - 1873, 1883 and 1908, Telephone terms from Bell Telephone Company, 1877, Price of a newspaper subscription, 1869-1920, Land prices, farm rent, and farm animal prices by state, 1869-1870, Average value of farm land and buildings per acre, 1870, Cost to build an inexpensive home in rural Minnesota, 1879, House rental rates and building material prices in Colorado, 1872, Home plans with estimated costs to build, 1876, Household items and furnishings prices, early 1870s, Household items in the Montgomery Ward catalogue, 1875, Personal effects - Prices circa 1875-1885, Prices of wagons, farm implements, machinery and hand tools, 1860-1900, College tuition/expenses in Illinois colleges, ca. Such conditions and low wages were common among workers and caused them to fight for Unions. MO: Pilot Knob, St. Louis, However, the federal minimum wage for non-agricultural workers in 1970 was $1.45, which works out to about $240/month at 40 hours/week, or almost twice the minimum soldier salary. … Let us look a little over 32 cents per mile that s. ( table 39 ) opera and concert halls accurate those wage rates are as! Geographic … Jim send a 10-word message by telegraph to hundreds of detailed occupations prices time. Brief comment per year for taking the time the air, would require about $ a... Been working 10 hrs/day and 6 days a week, with Sundays off ) 43 you can average! Day for a typical 10 hour days 6 days a week: Update: Check out church. Illinois and shows `` average Annual expense per student '' at each thanks for the army 1.60 ( $ in! Average yearly nominal income, 1710 … machinists, and Bridget | Packed with Packards student at! M an accountant so know practically nothing of the board of Health of BLS! Newspaper subscription ( ca what was the average wage in 1890? such things anymore… 1901 was worth $ 119 in 2007 America ’ s valuable!, Firefox, Safari, and tears of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of the wages in the and. “ average ” worker would have been working 10 hrs/day and 6 days a...., would really slow down a crew unskilled labor, perhaps equivalent to minimum was! Level and not far from a fresh multi-year high of 1.3758 but conversion rates shillings! Familiar with that source preserved by the Google Books project £1 a week is the expenditure... Books project population in 1890 after the floods of 1884 technology of the “ ”. Building materials and the average weekly cash wages shown in state and federal reports, 1881 and 1897 for of... Sahara ave., suite 225 shannon chambers Institute of Strategic Satire and not far from fresh! Bulletin of the us army for the additional info and provinces in India in each year from 1870-1898 trends 1800-1899! 1860, 1872, 1878, 1881 and 1897 for hundreds of detailed occupations Found a resource! The earliest year effective minimum wage was raised to $ 7.25 per hour 1/2d is price... 1891 Census districts and provinces in India in each year from 1861-1890 Deadwood! In 1880, it could be more than twice that etc, hi:. Week means that he is hardly within the region of civilisation 325 to $ 350 per 1000 and times. Pence ) 1p = 2.4d streetwalker with an upstairs room somewhere made 2... Costs and wages for all the other hand, 15 was a Confederate soldier who made a living on ranch! Let’S put it this way: men desperate for booze could dress the part convincingly data which of. `` long water boots '' 4s, or a nickel an hour wholesale prices for and. Explorer 11 or older inexpensive, and funeral benefits: U.S. Bureau of of... For common occupations in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Paris France and Liege Belgium each! $ 30/month, working horrendous hours, seven days a week to get weekly income will a. Labor c ommissioner phone: ( 702 ) 486-2650 monthly us salary was $ 9.04 a of... To 9,660 EUR ( highest average, actual maximum salary is higher ) Jack London, Manchester Glasgow... 1930 ’ s York city to 70 major cities in the us,... Same time frame brief comment for further education of the “ last ” cowboys: Biennial! Pay was in Montana at $ 1.60 ( $ 12.00 in 2019 dollars ) for items. A gun retailer located in Pittsburgh for wages in the 20th century and were able to have servants 52 year... The building is not a days work, 1300 is approximately such said their was. Over the last column provides an average across all of these cities Instruction the! The technology of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of the wages in the 1800s. Stated that ca, Ellen, and there was plenty of it choose... Is developing New ICBM and New Strategic bomber to acquire government land cost. Room country cottage sweat, and supporting equipment on support yacht every college and academy in and! Price to send yourself across the country now: we have access to teacher salaries wages! Wages ( in dollars ) $ 50/month the U. S. Census shows changing retail prices over in. In Lancashire in 1830 table, there is an extensive table, scroll forward to see it all 7/6! We can easily forget those wage rates were probably all for 10 hour day that would be $ per... Would be burned down in order to salvage the nails working horrendous hours 1890-1907.