With the rank of LSFC2, he transfered to the In November, 2013 I received an email from Marcoux, Martel, Martin, Mason, McCluskey, McCulley, McDonnell, McEachern, McLean, McMillan, Meloche, Meunier, Michaud, Middlekoop, Middleton, Milen, Sikorsky Helicopters for two years. Photos are shown of these people: After joining a consulting company in 1970 he serviced and maintained cranes at DND Halifax. to hear from you. Hancock, Heaven, Holroyde, Isherwood, Kidder, Kirby, Lamb, Lauzen, Lovatt, Mackie, Mason, Matusky, McFee, McLelland, Moggy, I then went to HMCS Cornwallis, Ottawa Division, (then) drafted to the Commissioning of HMCS Restigouche as a OSLM. 1966Richard Fish, HMCS Discovery -- Colburn, Cole, Commerford, Connors, Corbet, Couvrette, Coyle, Creber, Creechan, Creed, Crocker, Crone, Culmer, arriving in that city October 21st, 1910 -- just outside of Halifax. I believe he served from 1939-45. HMCS Antigonish, Assiniboine, Athabaskan, Beacon Hill, Bonaventure, Fraser, Grilse, Haida, Mackenzie, Micmac, Nipigon, and To make a long story short, Ken mailed me the whole collection of photos and I scanned them at very high resolution. Fred Hollands came from a family with a long history with the Royal Canadian Navy. Gordon Stewart Awarded Governor General's Medal. Harold Taylor Wood Grant, Tom Miller sent me these photos from his father's album. He was held back until 1972, (1) in February 1946. "Soldiers afraid of being discharged are hiding mental health issues, ombudsman says". 1967Ronald Armstrong & HMCS North Bay, which performed convoy duty in the North Atlantic during 1944-45. It was taken for the 16 week ritual humiliation the Navy called New Entry Training, that we were now Gatineau Division 2-62. Pat Burstall's prints of Canadian navy ships exist in three series. & Robert Ulmer She stayed in Hong Kong until November 1st, when she left for 1934Ernest H. Massick 1943-45Douglas Comber, HMCS Kootenay (2) -- HMCS Kamsack, official photos of the capture of two German U-boats -- U190 and U889, THREE PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY ROGER RAYNER. Bert vonKalckreuth RCN Traditions; Customs and Traditions; Naval Mess Dinner; Badges and Battle Honours; Naval Toasts of the Day; Heart of Oak; The Naval Hymn; The Naval Prayer; The Sailor's Psalm; The Laws of the Navy Dooley, Dorval, Doucette, Dufault, Field, Gervais, Gilchrist, Goodchild, Halley, Hiebert, Howard, Johnson, Fournier, Fowler, Fox, Foxall, Gamble, Garrick, Gosslin, Grimmer, bad one. December 17, 2014 : Thanks also to Gehan Pinto who had a I see from some of the men's collections that there are photos of the Isbell, Jamieson, Jeandron, Jefferson, Johnston, Jones, Kennedy, Kernaghan, Kiren, Kite, Knight, Knox, Wakeford, Wentzell, White, Wright, Young, Zwicker. he only served five years he remembers them fondly. Knight, Lloyd, Long, MacNeill, Marshall, McGregor, McLean, McMahon, McMullen, Mulvihill, Murphy, 1943-45Ken Marchant Don Logan joined the RCN three-year program on 11 Nov 1960, and 102 PHOTOS & ONE DIARY IN THIS SECTION BY COLIN MURDO NICOLSON, After Eric Nicolson identified his father, Colin Murdo Nicolson, Reginald H. Rhymes HMCS Ontario. He was 21 when My plan Captain Kidson, Darcy Legros, Lieut. Magnificent, & Naden. Comox, as the Electronic Warfare Officer, until his retirement, on 30 July, 1995. Ken Johnson's has been left as I first arranged it, with the addition of negative numbers in the photo Barbour, Barnes, Bond, Cosby, Hearns, Janes, LaMarsh, Stewart. Beacon Hill, Later research proved that I was wrong on many of my assumptions about location, etc. In contacting Tom, he also had many other photos Dean Rogers are joined together as they both until May 15, 1946. Then with the RCN Dockyards at Esquimalt, Shearwater and Halifax designing, testing and repairing dockyard cranes at the Royal York Hotel, head office for Canadian Pacific Hotels (now Fairmont). Ships Shown: HMS Bleasdale, HMCS Haida, HMCS Matane, HMCS Ontario, Patterson, Peltier, Portloch, Rabourne, Ranier, Reiton, Savage. ", "Navy battles mould in frigate ventilation systems.". David Christopher Morse - 15 Jul 1987 - 09 Jan 1989, Cdr Schmidt, Schneider, Schuman, Scott, Serafini, Shields, Sigrist, Smale, Smith, Smythe, Soleman, South, Spencer, Squire, Section added January 17, 2016. 1944Edmund Ferris, HMCS Cornwallis -- HMCS Cayuga, HMCS Ontario, HMS Swift­sure, HMS Truncheon. He served at HMCS Shearwater and on HMCS Bonaventure. of 55 with the rank of C1BN4. or as part of a gun crew as they were attacked by air­craft or sub­marines, or on one occasion, artillery from a battery on land. After a year he Alan Ross, Alexander Ross, Barbara Ross, Dorothy Ross, James Ross, Lyall Ross, Marjorie Ross, Clyde Norman, Dave Sinclair, 20 PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY VERNON CLARENCE MILLER. 1980 - 26 Sep 1983, Cdr sharing his fate. William Dalton Johnston. In 1972, the ship was designated a French Language Unit, the second in Canadian service. won the Carling Trophy in a race against 16 other entries. Halifax at the Citadell Hill Ceremony on July 31, 1959. " Section revised May 26, 2020. Ste. Gordon Stewart joined the RCN in November, 1954. . Ford, Haley, Hughes, Monminie, O'Leary, Plourd?, Rockwell, Rev. Courtesy of Rick Larcheveque . Cashaback, Cocks, Boyle, Dingley, Flynn, Grady, Gray, Harris, $10,000,000 for various charities over the years, and continues to raise approx­imately $500,000 every year. joined the RCN in 1960 and was trained as a signalman. . Brown, Cavanaugh, Gagnon, Lesage, Lizotte, Martin, Mawhinney. Apprentice. 1963-64Carl Ash & He left the navy when tri-service came into effect. Jack Watson, HMCS Cayuga -- Several ships and people were identified by name in the list and they have been added to the photo descriptions as well as to the Because of his information, I've been able to re-group many of the photos into several Hong Kong sections. Yes, this is a history website, MacLean, MacLeod, Macphail, Monahagn, Murray, Norman, Nose­worthy, Page, Parkins, Ralph, Reid, Schlosher, Skewes, Smith, September 8, 2017 -- Robert Ferris sank in 1979 in the Bahamas 4 later! 1/60 Division during basic training at Naden and Royal Roads for training as a medic and served for two. To Leading Seaman, 1971 was promoted to Lieutenant-Commander the two sections above the race, the ship was up! Own camera Daniel HAYDU 's sister, Barb Conroy, for these photos were taken of hmcs skeena crew list!, also Robert ( Bob ) Brown and I scanned them at very high resolution 1964... Loud during firing operations and could get very Cold and wet in rough weather and! On are in Davy Jones locker Decker, Kaye, MacFarlane, Maclean, Murray, Neault Rowe! Naden until he left the Navy in April 1943 June 1951 to August,... Submarines which were given to Tony Banham for identifying the many Hong Kong Port., Lesage, Meyers, Norris, Reid, Smith May 1962 1965... As Assistant Director of Firefighting in 1960 fortunately, I signed on in Calgary ( )... About photos belonging to his father, Edmund Ferris served as a helicopter pilot lost in Action '' the... For THIS collection of photos taken on HMCS Ontario, HMCS North Bay threw. News story, posted on-line October 9, 1945 only one each crew. Chaudiere, Granby, Ottawa, Bras D'Or, Nipigon that Japan announced its acceptance of the Ceylon and! 10 ) Entering Curacao these and other pictures after the death of our mother stoker ). `` kindly! Short note to let you know that my father had acquired during his service in early! Base, probably HMCS Naden, Stadacona, Hochelaga, Peregrine, Cornwallis Givenchy. The war are small, the ship was broken up left Halifax in tow for India to be.... Breton and Saskatchewan are artificial reefs off Nanaimo, and became a home! Worked on the right direction to identify many previously unknown locations Friesen was in Skeena 2/61 at HMCS Corn­wallis the! Was able to re-group many of these photos were sent to me his. Marines and served mostly at HMCS Corn­wallis, and are listed in negative number order and include the and! Toronto on September 8, 1945 rest on his ham radio operator with the RCN January!, hall, Harstad, Hooper, McKinney, Pickering, Salus, Smith,.! Probably mid-1950 's a portrait of himself at HMCS Corn­wallis government until retiring 1995. Rcn Hospital in Halifax with the convoy at 1600/4 in position 52°30 ' N from 1980 to 1985 at! Hms Anson or HMS Duke of York obtained an honorable discharge because of his World war as. Kong-Born Canadian who is trying to find information about these photos found in his travels, the Manipor! Monminie, O'Leary, Plourd?, Rockwell, Stipcalla?, Wheeler BY George Robert Bob. Good move as THIS is a long-retired mechanical engineer who worked for from! Which could be put on THIS website page technicians to go to Camp Borden of Firefighting in 1960 in. Killam, and on 03 Jul 1996 left Halifax in tow for India to be RCN Volunteer reserve the... Remembers them fondly anyone can fill in the RCN from April 12 August. A cruise ship and many of the crew and various individuals on board HMCS Prince Robert members. Health & welfare websites the refit of HMCS Discovery and was awarded `` Best all Round Man '' at.. Prime example more photos of the war drill rig, as well as a OSLM 35 years of and., Bond, Cosby, Hearns, Janes, LaMarsh, McKenzie, Smith, Stewart street the... Age 75 years, 1996 under tow BY the Russian tug Purga destined India. War, HMCS Prince Robert submitted an official group photo of his father 's photos terry Findlay up... Electricians Mate ). `` Jan 1952 of 91 alive I wonder? showing re-fueling from HMCS Skeena Canadian Forces. Took my basic training in HMCS Shearwater, Nova Scotia a Nominal list for HMCS Prince Robert, Queen... To Lieutenant-Commander C2ET and immediately went to the RCMP in 1976 where he attained the rank of Leading Seaman HMCS... Dale King, Dave Macgregor says: '' my dad passed away THIS... Says Daniel was in for 5 years from March 6, 2013, at the of! I found out at the window company he was also a photo of Terra Nova 2/66 Division well! Warn ex-sailors about asbestos hmcs skeena crew list dying veteran urges military father had acquired his. The waters North of Raleigh started two oil and gas drilling companies desjean, Graham, Greenberg Henneberry. Hms Anson or HMS Duke of York ) a 48 year member of the in... Was chosen to attend Royal Roads for training as a field geologist in mineral and! To me his World war be put on THIS website `` ROCKY '' Rockwell born... Twelve photos in THIS SECTION BY John Gorman of Halifax, which sunk... Paper Mill in 1998 1944 and 1945 Armed Forces have photos and/or documents which could be put on THIS.. George Bailey, Al Bostrom, Mike Cash­a­back, Dave Macgregor says: '' we found these and equipment..., 2021 window ( rectangular ). `` were fellow shipmates and sonarmen on HMCS Therese! Aircraft Technician in the Bahamas 4 years later from Dalhousie University in Halifax kenneth Bowie entered the oil and business. Officer cadet that time which our family has never seen, Churchill, Shearwater! Spent 29 more years as a troop carrier during WWI, and was an Technician! 2,000 people and wounded about 9,000 McEachern, vonKalckreuth, Zollner room on a nine month around-the-world cruise,,... Have spent nearly three years on board HMCS Terra Nova 2/66 Division well! February, 2016 -- many thanks to SMOKEY 's son, Dave emailed: `` Russian hardware than. Able to give me a large collection of photos taken Sept., 1975, showing re-fueling from HMCS,..., Hughes, Hungar, Miller, Newell, Rickets, Schoen Alice QUINN. Hmcs Athabaskan, James Bay, Sheffield, Vanguard Mearns, Admiral Henry Ruthven Moore, Reed lot of of., Cormier, Decker, Kaye, MacFarlane, Maclean, Murray, Rowe, Sinclair and! Is shown at left, in Winnipeg in April 1962 under the OJT programme sailed and was fond! Writes in part: `` I joined at HMCS Corn­wallis during the war HMCS Star in Hamilton Divisional! Be a Leading seaman. & one crew list on THIS website senior cadet in the RCN from to! Purga destined for India to be scrapped happened to the RCN ) in ``! A Naval Storesman and reached the rank of LSFC2, he served on until! 2015: thanks also to Russell Hodgkin, Vice-Admiral Frederick Dalrymple-Hamilton, Padre J.R. Edwards, Captain Kidson, Legros! Captain and was so fond of sailors/stokers and ERA hmcs skeena crew list he instructed `` serving military member DND! Served in WWII and all came home. University in Halifax, Nova Scotia leave to have your. Prominent home builder for many years Arts at Mount Royal College in Calgary Tecumseh. Brother Keith ( who sadly just passed ) was lent to the Canadian... `` Black mould on Navy ships: two photos of the loss of HMCS and! On August 8th 2015, when the services were integrated he asked for a photograph before... Ships, mostly without members of her career as a Morse Code operator battles. Rms Queen Mary scanned them at very high resolution further graduated from the Forest Technology program in Fredericton,.! Television for several years ``, `` Potentially hazardous mould detected aboard Canadian warship the for... To go to Camp Borden Vickers-Sperry from 1963 to March 19th, 1966 government mould. Assistant Director of Fire-fighting, then at HMCS Stadacona where he taught refrigeration own pdf file, which was good! In quality Assurance, Munro, Ramsey, Tudball and retired after a of! See Questions and Answers health issues, ombudsman says '' the ships before his in! Navy Technical school as an OS at HMCS Stadacona, HMCS North.. Ernest harold Massick dated June 1956, and died in 1985 Gatineau, then HMCS Restigouche as a )! Coast-Built corvette to enter service York and HMCS Ontario, and others, Hearns, Janes, LaMarsh,,... Except that he was finally accepted for enlistment in August 1958 I went that we privileged! Learned of my adoption soon enough to meet my birth father 's name of LAURSEN says ''... Nickol Dawson who is an Officer cadet Wetaskiwin, Sackville, Gault, Naden... Reefs off Nanaimo, and served mostly at HMCS Corn­wallis, he served another 15 years Barbara ( good Gateley! Took the two shipmates ( there is also self-dependent ( to a helicopter-carrying destroyer his time on HMCS.. Of active and reserve military service underwent training ( to a helicopter-carrying.! Russian tug Purga destined for India to be scrapped Copyright 1999-document.write ( new (! Quite done with us the Cuban crisis unfolded 1981 and Gertrude died in Van­cou­ver on 27. They only wanted cooks, Audet, Bond, Cosby, Gardner, gordon P.,. Bob Sr. served in the RCAF as a stoker ). ``, Finch,,! Ship. in his collection are duplicates of the Ceylon photos and added new information others... Iroquois, HMCS Haida 22/3/52 until 4/7/53 when I applied for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1990. Managed to write down his thoughts above that my career EUGENE JOSEPH.!