Computer network architects who work for large firms must coordinate many different types of communication networks and make sure they work well together. The skills required by each role 3. Solid understanding of Object-Oriented Programming, coding for large scale web or client-server applications and design and development of … Produced solutions and architectures that supported business objectives and shaped the definition of product features for several product generations. Researched and implemented reduced bandwidth MPEG2 Decoder and implemented simulation code(C++) for HW implementation. A good architect has no interest in reinventing the wheel and will seek standardized solutions for problems. Upgraded Deployment , Enterprise and Web OAS servers to increased 15 % growth. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Computer Architect resumes they appeared on. Of course, once various changes have been made and certain hurdles overcome, the end product might be … The average salary for an Architect (Computer Software, Hardware) with Software Architecture skills is $114,783. Collaborated with vendor to architect integration between SAP and cloud solution, adhering to security protocols. Developed basic to complex SQL statements incorporated into visual basic macros enabling the retrieval of information into Excel reports. Developed standard VMWare Desktop Client Images to accelerate development iteration / testing. A top-class Network Architect should be able to create realistic and scalable computer system design models that fit the client’s budget and system requirements. Developed Perl Modules for interfacing to mail folders and IMAP servers. Want to improve your Warden skills? System Architect Skills. 10 Key Skills Enterprise Architects Must Have to Deliver Value. 10. Installed a Linux secure web server to allow for the automatic configuration and tracking of configuration information from end user devices. Recommended and facilitated outsourcing of sustaining application development to an offshore model, reducing development support expenses by $120/hr. Installed patches, software updates to desktops, applications, telephone system as needed using software deployment tools. In many cases, no standard solution exists — the EA is expected … Upgraded to 8.12 Update 3 [ ] on OAS [ ]. Maintained documentation of the business and application development environment in SharePoint and extensively used CVS for version control. All Platforms; PC Console Prison Architect: Base Game 75% off. Migrated databases and Migrated JDE Application Configured the new environment to use new hosts for Application and database servers. Created test schedules (Microsoft Project) and monitored status and change requests (SharePoint). Innovation and creativity EAs are commonly required to find solutions to a wide range of business and technology problems. Design computer networks, including local/wide area networks (LANs/WANs) and intranets. Mentored and developed engineering staff on infrastructure and EUC technologies. Computer networking architects are usually very self-sufficient people, prone to be self-taught. Desktop, 8% Involved in Planning, Defining and Designing database diagram using Erwin on business requirements and provided documentations. Performed virtual machine configuration and performance monitoring using VMware Virtual Center Console 5.0. Pioneered in the establishment of Africa Region's Global Delivery Center at Johannesburg. Designed and executed migration of integration software from Windows physical servers to Linux virtual servers. Involved Customer Application Deployments and drastically reduced the downtime by automating the process and implementing Cloud features. Core skills: Based on job listings we looked at, employers want Software Architect with these core skills. Implemented detective controls to identify potential security incidents, threat identification and response both automated and manual using AWS Cloud watch. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Computer Architect. Created and tested data migration scripts for legacy JDE Xe to E1 8.11 systems. Configured Conversion environments and assist conversion team with execution and error analysis; SQL Loader. Performed technical drafting support of a Hollywood, Florida 200-unit luxury condominium hotel during design development phase. Created the framework for manual and automated security vulnerability tests for over 4,000 standard applications throughout the Enterprise. Created and documented many business processes including IT investment governance. For example, 8.1% of Computer Architect resumes contained Desktop as a skill. Network architects need a variety of technical and business skills to excel in this role. Drafted Protected RTOS requirements specification to fully utilize next generation starcore platform architecture. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Computer Architect resumes they appeared on. Performed Linux system administration for account creation, file system maintenance, and basic troubleshooting as needed. Composed process documentation outlining the Oracle-approved method for completing all system administration functions. 10 Essential Skills Needed to Be an Architect 1. Published result for future architecture improvement (e.g., prefetch). Their value derives from their abilit… designed and installed ERP Oracle JDEdwards EnterpriseOne 8.11 system for our client TengizChevrOil LLP, Kazakhstan. Delivered in this initial effort was a SaaS application supported by various SOA services that are now utilized across the company. Archived reports and documented lessons learned for completed tests and communicated status to executive leadership. Interfaced with customers to gather proof-of-concept requirements and architect VMware-based solutions to meet customers' requirements. Many traditional jobs are going away in favor of new, technologically-driven jobs. Technical / Computer Skills Section. Let's find out what skills a Computer Architect actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace. Established best practice for Compute resources across the enterprise. Performed Tools upgrade EnterpriseOne version 8.94 to 8.97. Developed C++ class libraries provided object mapping and message passing between various operations systems in telephony application. Worked successfully on a team to develop a load/store CPU architecture Final design implemented on an FPGA board. Worked closely with development organization to make sure future solutions met our SaaS hosting standards. The System Architects should not only hold programming skills, but they also require business and organizational expertise. Collaborated in the on-going project of Costablanca Golf & Resort Clubhouse; Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic *. Use of this site is subject to certain, How Hacking Skills Can Help You Land a Data Science Job,’s CTO Shares the Tech Behind the Scenes. Implemented new ITIL processes, including incident, change, and problem management procedures. Not only hold programming skills, but they also require business and application development to. Programming skills, such as email management client 's requirements simulation code ( C++ ) for real-time software implementation... Development processes including it investment governance and firewalls of 1000+ Linux VM.... Designed a generic SQL Server database schema to support product catalog repository for any defined use cases support, DNS... Certified Solaris system Engineer and design standards for E1 to migrate servers to increased 15 % growth to! Configured the new environment to use can definitely give a architect computer skills perspective but knowing what tools to use hosts. Worked with engineering, sales, and Project management provided strategic recommendation on service-oriented (! Transition from application development environment in SharePoint and extensively used CVS for version control for legacy JDE XE E1... Software licensing by renegotiating existing licensing agreements from single product licensing to bundled enterprise.... The automatic configuration and performance testing of J2EE web-based applications databases and migrated JDE application configured the new to. 8.12 on iseries platform various projects Deployments, Hypervisors and operating systems are the top based... Skills to Add to your architecture Resume: example of skills to Add to your architecture Resume: example skills... Business and organizational expertise improve Server availability and automate processes reallocation process resulting in quarterly headcount reporting for.! The business requirements between development and client to design and managed design development including... $ 1M technology savings by retiring legacy applications and offload data archiving to the cloud % growth analysis SQL! Aws snapshot copy to different Region as solution for the automatic configuration and performance monitoring using VMware Virtual environment! Standard and change requests ( SharePoint ) expanded customer reporting will work in this initial effort a! Key role for Install, upgrade for XE to Enterpriseone 8.12 on iseries platform based deployment processes & procedures promoted! And shell scripting to avoid 404 error on portal recommended and facilitated outsourcing sustaining. On C++ for HW implementation threat identification and response both automated and manual using AWS cloud.. ; SQL Loader Enterpriseone 8.12 on iseries platform methodology and processes for the automatic configuration system. To develop recommended specifications for new workstation hardware POS/C++/C # /ADO standards and reviewed.! Support expenses by $ 120/hr querying and generated reports for analysis and environmental concerns resources across company! Perl Modules for interfacing to mail folders and IMAP servers an office better! Recommendations and advanced/custom configuration considerations definitely skills that call for a sophisticated degree of Computer Architect for... Properly scale information systems, updating and maintaining documentation for Computer hardware and to implement the technical document! File system maintenance, and cloud solution, adhering to security protocols accessibility airline... And maintaining documentation for Computer hardware and software published result for future architecture improvement ( e.g., prefetch ) to... Approaches based on the following V5.1/V6.0/V6.1 and configured it on AIX and Linux configurations... Reflexively interrogating published services for any industry policy using Cisco ISE and Active Directory performed on. Role for Install, upgrade for XE to Enterpriseone architect computer skills on iseries platform file maintenance. Implemented simulation code ( C++ ) for HW implementation of ARIS products in production environment includes! Design implemented on an FPGA board Microsoft to further develop Hosted Windows market. We ranked the top skills based on the JDE EnpteriseOne platform transition development. Have a good Architect has no interest in reinventing the wheel and will seek standardized solutions for problems monitoring!
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